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R.W.Miller Excavating, Inc., a Virginia pond and lake construction company, provides complete excavation services for your lake or pond construction, including...

Land Clearing, Grading, Dirt Hauling, Excavation, Spillway and Overflow Drainage Pipe Installation, Storm Drainage and Erosion Control and all related pond and lake construction services for your recreational enjoyment, agricultural management and storm water management needs. 

Specialists in Pond and Lake Repairs...
  • Repairing leaks in dams, spillways and earthen structures.
  • Restoration after storm or flood damage and erosion.
  • Re-construction of spillways that have washed out.
  • Replacement of aged, rusted or damaged drain pipes and overflow pipes. 

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Ever wonder what makes a pond a pond, and a lake a lake?

To a pond contractor or lake builder, what you call your finished project isn’t nearly as important as what your intended uses are.

Many people think of lakes as just big ponds.
While a lake is typically larger than a pond, size is not the only distinction.  The size differences between ponds and lakes determine whether wind-blown waves will hit the shoreline and wash away the plants trying to grow near the water’s edge.

The depth of water in a lake, usually two meters or more, is too deep for plants to grow anywhere except the shore.  Ponds on the other hand are shallow enough to allow sunlight light to penetrate to the bottom, promoting the growth of water plants throughout.

Pond construction and lake construction differ in the way each are built too.  A pond is a body of standing water usually created as a result of rain water runoff.  A pond can occur either naturally from the temporary accumulation of ground water run-off or, man-made to trap ground water or a flowing spring.   

Ponds are typically stagnant.  Because of the closed environment of ponds, such small bodies of water are perfect for keeping and raising koi pond fish as the pond will naturally develop into a self contained ecosystem.    

Some ponds have no surface outflow but if the pond is spring fed or does have running water, it’s a much slower flow rate than that of a lake.  A lake, on the other hand, is usually fed by the running water of a river, creek, or stream.  Because of the fresh water source lakes are more suitable to swimming and water sports.

construction on a running waterway will back-up the water to create a lake with irregular shorelines creating interesting coves in which wildlife & fish can hide.  Natural ponds are typically more “even” or uniform around the edges.    

So when constructing a pond or lake it’s useful to know some key differences, which revolve around the uses.  Are you thinking of building a pond… or … building a lake?  If you’re still unsure what to call it… call us.  We can assist in the design, excavation, and construction of your lake or pond. 

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